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Git management for researcher 0

Git is a source code management system as you know. Here is one way to manage source code effectively for researchers. Researchers usually handle vast amount of source code with many many trial and errors. To search difference information more quickly, a branch must be created when composing an academic article or an abstract for […]

#matlab: 長方形の描画 0

Matlabで、領域を示す際に長方形を描いたりします。 長方形は、

というように、座標を与えます。 (x0, y0)は長方形左下の座標を、 ⊿x, ⊿yはそこからの差分を示します。 サンプルコードは下記の通り。

結果: しかし、これだと軸の2辺しか黒くならないので、box on;かbox;を使うと良いです。

結果: Source: 直角または角丸のコーナーをもつ四角形の作成 – MATLAB rectangle – MathWorks 日本 こちらも合わせてどうぞ: wordpressに「あとで読む」を追加する| TowardSomethingNew Railsバグ出すぎだ、このやろう[3hours passed…] | TowardSomethingNew

\it, and \bf cause error 0

In latex, $\textbf{ \emph{ \nu } }$ raises an error: ! Missing $ inserted. This happens because \nu is already math, though \textbf should be applied to texts. And I’ve found this article: \it and \bf do not play well together. That is, they do not nest as one would intuitively expect: Source: best practices […]